Rehearsals are going well. All the cast are doing amazing. It's going to be a fabulous show! Don't forget to get your tickets!

Just a few reminders

Please ensure you invest in a pair of black pumps and wear these to rehearsals each week 

Bring along a water bottle to keep hydrated.

Tuck Shop is open each rehearsal for the chance to buy a snack to keep you going!

Tickets for this year's show can be booked online for the first time, accessed through the ticket page of our website. They can also be purchased through the ticket secretary at rehearsals. Some of the best seats have already sold!!!

Cast members have the opportunity to purchase a show t-shirt. These have the HOS 2020 logo on them are great to rehearse in as well as promote the show when you are out in the local community. If you have not ordered you're please do so no later than February 2nd. See the registration team on Sunday rehearsals items can be paid for via cash or card

Ensure you keep March 15th free from 12md as we start early that day for our "Photo Shoot"

We actively use social media to promote the show. Please follow us on Facebook “A Handful of Songs” or Twitter @handful2020. We also use the messenger service through the Facebook page, so please get in touch with the team this way if you have any questions in-between rehearsals.